1000 Cranes for Japan by Hawkea, inserito originariamente da Hawkea.

The crane is a mystical, holy creature in Japan – it represents luck, good fortune, and long-life. The act of folding cranes, specifically, 1000 cranes, is said to make the folder’s wish come true.
Strings of one thousand paper cranes are often sent to places where tragedy has struck as a symbol of hope & healing. Sometimes groups will fold 1000 cranes for an ailing friend in hopes of speeding her recovery.
I think it would be a beautiful show of support and love for Japan if flickr was flooded with paper cranes. Is it too much to hope for a virtual chain of 1000 cranes? If you make one, send me a flickr mail. I will start a group if there is enough interest. Feel free to spread the word.

These are the words of Damiec who started the group 1000 Cranes for Japan. I heard about it from Paisley Patches and since I though it was a wonderful way to show our support and love for the Japanese people, I had to join the group! I invite you to do the same. Here is a tutorial about how to make the origami cranes.
Texture/Background is from Mr_Xvious (William Harris) on DeviantArt.
The crane was made by my wife and it is actually an earring measuring only a couple of centimetres wide.
Have a great day!